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Project Description
Proverb Teleprompter is a simple teleprompter software useful for video shoots that require the talent to read a lot of text (i.e. news shows, talk shows etc.).

A 3rd party description and review:

A nice do it yourself teleprompter project that uses Proverb Telprompter software:

Excellent teleprompter glass

I just received my 15"x15" (70% reflective/30% transmissive) glass from and it is quite amazing glass. They also have very good customer service.


NOTE: Requires .NET 4.0

Features include:
  • Save and load standard RTF formatted files (Word, WordPad etc.)
  • Copy and paste from web pages or other word processors and retain formatting
  • Support for remote controls (multimedia and others)
  • Adjustable font sizes
  • Adjustable scroll speed
  • Fast forward, fast reverse
  • Colored fonts
  • Black on white or white on black text
  • Support for multi-monitor
  • Support Flipping and mirroring output text
  • Eye line marks to indicate reading position
  • Time remaining estimate

Features to be added:
  • Support customization of key/remote mappings
  • Remote control from phones or browsers

Testimonial Links

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